Staffing Solutions:

What are the two words that comes to your mind when your hear the word ”Talent Acquisition” ! one - Capability Builder, two-Revenue Generator for an organization, so let us make this an anthem for yours – we find the right talent for you. Allow us to work with your business – with the right people on-board we will make your short term and long terms business objectives a success !


PLI Consulting understands how crucial it is to find the right employee with the right skill sets who can contribute to the success of your business. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate with your own HR department, finding the right people is never easy. This is where we can help. We have a workforce that is spread all over India with just one mission to fulfil - finding the right people to meet your specific needs.

Shaking Hands

Take any successful business and you will find that it is powered by a strong workforce of committed and dedicated employees. Let us help you procure a winning team. Let us be your partner in success.

Our Key Solutions:


Executive Search

To identify and choose exceptional professionals who match the senior-level leadership roles in your organization is not an easy task.

At People Labs Inc., our thorough vetting processes ensure that you acquire the right executives who aid and assist your organisation in achieving the desired business goals. We ease the burden of researching ideal candidates, delivering an impressive pitch, and training the selected candidates from off your shoulders.

With strategies that have been successful in the past, People Labs Inc. holds a track record of identifying, recruiting, and positioning suitable candidates for every required job profile. Our professionals at People Labs Inc. have worked on diverse grounds from start-ups to popular MNCs.

Backed by several years of expertise, a wide range of contacts across diverse industrial platforms and deep knowledge of the HR industry, we are committed towards bringing you candidates who excel in maintaining professionalism and contributing to reliable results.


Permanent Staffing

With our extensive database of talent and a meticulous filtering process to land the best talent in any organization, People Labs Inc. offers you solutions for all your capability building. Our talent acquisition process helps you source out the right candidate for your short or long-term business objectives.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

At People Labs Inc., we pay attention to your comprehensive needs, like branding, human resources, research & planning, technology etc., to bring you customized solutions. We do not restrict ourselves to recruitments.

Through our expertise, we support our client’s requirements and offer candidates who can shape shift as per the process followed in your organization, People Labs Inc. resources would not only blend in with the process but help you streamline and strategize your hiring needs

If you are looking for highly efficient outsourcing of the recruitment process for your organisation, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of RPO specialists will assist you in finding reliable talent in today's evolving job market.

Business Meeting

How do we meet your expectations :

Our goal is to deliver value to each client we serve and to help you attract top talent and to build adaptive, diverse people organizations that are prepared to full strategic business objectives. We seek to understand each client’s strategic goals, the specic leadership roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture that new executives need to embody.

Our team possess the expertise and contacts to best support our search. We draw on our high-level professional networks, industry knowledge (like “Demand Supply” – “Candidates” driven versus ”Industry” driven market) and internal research resources to identify the right people. To stay on the cutting edge of talent strategy, we constantly track key trends in the global market for talent, and continually innovate our services and approach.